Diagnostic Mammogram

What is a Diagnostic Mammogram?

If a Solis breast specialized radiologist notices something on a patient’s screening mammogram that requires further evaluation, the patient may be called back for a diagnostic mammogram. The diagnostic evaluation serves as the next step to clarify any abnormalities detected during a screening mammogram or doctor's exam.

Women detecting abnormalities during a self-exam (lump, discharge, dimpling) would bypass the screening mammogram and would be scheduled for a diagnostic exam.

Compared to screening mammography, diagnostic mammography requires a longer appointment because our radiologists review the images onsite and you will receive your results before you leave the appointment.

It should be noted that while learning you need a diagnostic exam can be particularly alarming to women, they aren’t necessarily cause for concern.  

A diagnostic mammogram is simply the next step in clarifying any areas of concern detected.

Timeline of Diagnostic Mammogram