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Just a friendly reminder - the sign on our building reads "SOLIS WOMEN'S HEALTH" not to be confused with SOLACE counseling which is located just west of our building on Parker road.

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At Solis Mammography Plano at Willow Bend, we’re dedicated to providing peace of mind during your entire mammography or imaging experience. Our compassionate staff creates a warm and welcoming environment in order to ease the anxiety often associated with getting a mammogram. Our centers are designed with soft music and a home-like decor to increase your comfort. The teams at Solis are highly trained clinically, but are also trained in the art of putting patients at ease. We do everything possible to make each experience an exceptional one. ...Read More

The accuracy provided by our breast health experts and state-of-the-art technology is increased by the specialized breast expertise of our dedicated staff. Our caring and compassionate team provides personalized, attentive care for everyone who walks through our doors. Understanding that waiting for your results is also part of the experience, we strive to make your wait as short as possible. Results are delivered via secure email, usually within 24 to 48 hours. 

Easily schedule an appointment online, 24/7. Or call (866) 717-2551.

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I just wanted to let you know that your facility does the BEST job. Everyone was helpful and friendly. They somehow make you feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. I love that you emailed results, so I could put my mind at ease. Thank you so much for the great effort!

Patient Survey

Thank you, Solis, for walking through this with me with compassion and care.

Patient Survey

This was my 1st time to visit this location and I will NEVER GO ANYWHERE ELSE AGAIN! I had my mammogram screening results emailed to me the same day - unbelievable!

Patient Survey

The atmosphere in the waiting area was very relaxing--though I did not have to wait. (I wanted to stay and sleep or read a book when the mammogram was over.) The lady who performed the mammogram was very experienced - no pain for me. The dressing room was very spacious. It was nice to choose a large locker (in which to place my belongings) with the name of a prominent woman - made it a little more personalized.

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