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be your own health advocate
Breast Health
Self-love starts with a routine of self-care. For myself, I define self care in several parts.
women are better together
We are in the era of womanhood that favors collaboration over competition. Sisterhood over single-mindedness. Friendship over favoritism.
early detection
Breast Health
Patients often ask how normal breasts should feel. The truth is that “normal” varies for every woman.
butterfly on your hand
Self Care
I meet each day with curiosity, an open mind, readiness to learn, and the desire to engage authentically in our shared human experience. What are you most curious about? 
love yourself
Self Care
Self love is an evolution. This is a process. It’s not a quick change of opinion and it certainly isn’t a sentiment that initiates from the outside in.
know your body
Breast Health
How well do you know yourself? Like REALLY know yourself. This is body awareness and it’s a power that Every Woman should be putting to use.
Breast Health

Meet Shelley. She is a breast health advocate, a mother of three, and an advocate for her community

Breast Health

Meet Chi. She is a female entrepreneur, wife, mother, friend and advocate for women. Chi is

self is an evolution
Self Care
Becoming is not an instant transition but rather a culmination of our experiences. The journey of self is an evolution. 
Self Care

Meet Ruth. Ruth is an executive, a wife, a mentor, and a self-love and health advocate to other

Self Care

Meet Prakruti. She is a creator, a dance-lover, and a body awareness advocate. Her name, Prakruti

embrace the power of love
I embrace the power of love through friendship. Who are the women in your circle that you value most?

Meet Cristi, Cristi is a professional, a wife, a new mom, a sister, and a best friend. She is


Meet Monica. She is a community organizer, social entrepreneur and activist. Monica is creative, she

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