Breast cancer survivor encourages candid conversations about the importance of annual mammograms.

Breast health has long been a priority for Sherrina, ever since her gynecologist detected a lump during a routine checkup when she was 24.

Sherrina was referred for a mammogram, which showed the lump was benign and no cause for concern. But since that experience, Sherrina knew she would need to be persistent about getting an annual screening mammogram.

She’s done so for the past 27 years, and that diligence saved her life.

In 2019, Sherrina’s annual mammogram caught an early-stage breast cancer, a tumor about the size of a dime. In the nine months that followed, she had 16 rounds of chemotherapy, surgery to remove the tumor and radiation therapy.

Sherrina is now cancer free.

“I am so, so grateful that I did not skip a yearly mammogram,” said Sherrina, a Solis Mammography patient in Fort Worth, Texas. “At the time they caught the cancer, it was small. Had I waited another year and missed that mammogram, the cancer would have continued to grow.”

Sherrina encourages women to have candid conversations about the importance of getting an annual mammogram. She is open about her cancer journey, supporting women at her church who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer as well as close friends who have survived the disease. 

“We are often checking in on each other to make sure our annual mammograms come back negative,” Sherrina said. “I constantly remind my friends and family members to get their annual mammograms because I’m that walking billboard. I was fine. I was working out. I was eating properly. I felt fine. I was doing everything right. When I got that breast cancer diagnosis, I was shocked.”