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Mammo+Plus uses groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence to give you a clearer picture of your breast health. This sophisticated technology does what the human eye cannot. It instantaneously compares your breast images to a database of tens of thousands of women to discover if you have an elevated chance of getting breast cancer within the next 12 months. When you add it to your annual mammogram, you’ll walk out with an annual predictive score personalized just for you. And you’ll have the knowledge you need to actively manage your breast health.

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Find your Mammo+Plus center below. You may opt-in at the time of the your appointment.

What is a Mammo+Plus annual predictive score? How is it calculated?

The Mammo+Plus predictive score is an image-based assessment that uses a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithm to compute your one-year risk of getting breast cancer. Your mammogram is compared to a database of tens of thousands of women studied over seven years. A score is computed based on your age, your breast density, and key data points from an AI interpretation of your mammogram. Our AI image-based one-year assessment is significantly more accurate than traditional lifetime risk models.

Is Mammo+Plus an additional screening?

No. Your annual predictive score is computed at the time of your annual mammogram. No additional screening or appointment needed.

How do I schedule it?

You may opt in at the time of your annual screening mammogram.

Do I need to have my predictive score calculated annually?

Yes, the findings from your annual mammogram, which we use to calculate your personalized score, will change every year. We recommend having a new predictive score calculated every year.

If I have no family history of breast cancer, do I need this predictive assessment?

85% of breast cancers are found in women with no family history. We recommend that every woman over the age of 40 get an annual screening mammogram. When combined with your annual screening mammogram, this predictive score gives you additional insight into your short-term breast health.

If I fall into the normal category, does that mean I can skip my annual mammogram?

A normal predictive score means you are at the same average risk as the general population of women, which means you have a 1 in 8 chance of getting breast cancer in your lifetime. You should continue to get annual screenings and perform your monthly breast self-exams.

If I have an elevated predictive score, does that mean I’m going to get breast cancer?

If you have an elevated score, this does not mean you are going to get breast cancer in the next year. However, it means your chance of getting breast cancer is now twice that of the general population of women.

If I have an elevated score, what do you recommend I do?

We recommend that you do a monthly breast-self exam and that you not miss your annual mammogram next year. If you have questions about your predictive score, you may speak to a clinical team member by calling (833) 223-6661.

Does insurance cover Mammo+Plus?

No. This predictive assessment is not currently covered by insurance like all new products. Your HSA and FSA may be an option to cover the costs.

*Mammo+Plus predicts whether a patient is more likely than the general population to develop breast cancer within the twelve months following a screening mammogram. No test or model can predict the future development of breast cancer with 100% accuracy. For more information, please call (833) 223-6661.