Changing the future of breast health in South Florida

MHS and Solis Mammography

We’re proud to provide South Florida residents with high-quality care, increased convenience and peace of mind by combining Memorial Healthcare System’s nationally recognized breast imaging services with Solis Mammography’s signature patient-centric approach.

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  • 100% Breast-Dedicated Radiologists
  • 3D Mammography, Greater Accuracy
  • SmartCurve Comfort Technology
  • Focus on Clinical Excellence
  • Personalized Patient Experience
  • State of the Art Technology

Our services:

  • Screening Mammography
  • Diagnostic Mammography
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • Breast Biopsy (Ultrasound Guided and Stereotactic)
  • Bone Densitometry
  • Ductogram

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3D Mammography + SmartCurve

A better mammogram, delivering both accuracy and comfort

We've fully integrated SmartCurve into our 3D mammography systems at all our centers to give you a state-of-the-art screening experience that delivers both accuracy and comfort. Experience SmartCurve integrated with 3D technology at your next visit.

SmartCurve is a revolutionary curved technology shaped like a woman's breasts. By distributing pressure more evenly, it’s been clinically proven to reduce pinching and discomfort. In fact, research has shown that 93% of women who previously experienced pain during mammograms found SmartCurve to be more comfortable.

Over 40? We recommend an annual mammogram

A provider’s order is required to schedule a screening mammogram

An annual screening mammogram catches breast cancers at the earliest stage, even before they’re detectable by human touch. That’s why mammograms are an important part of a woman’s annual wellness routine, beginning at the age of 40. Getting an annual screening is one of the healthiest habits a woman can have.