Advancing breast health excellence in North Carolina

ADDISON, TX (August 24, 2023) – Solis Mammography, a premier women’s health company and the nation’s largest independent provider of specialized breast health services, has announced the acquisition of Carolina Breast Imaging, a network of three breast imaging centers located in eastern North Carolina. For almost 10 years, Carolina Breast Imaging has provided patients with an advanced standard of care through a team of fellowship trained breast imaging specialists and state-of-the-art technology. 

Both organizations have long been recognized for their commitment to excellence in early breast cancer detection and fostering a proactive approach to breast health. The acquisition represents a shared vision of empowering patients to choose a better mammogram through a caring, compassionate and patient-centered standard of care. 

“Our philosophy of care is centered around delivering an exceptional experience,” said Grant Davies, President and Chief Executive Officer of Solis Mammography. “As we build on Carolina Breast Imaging’s strong foundation with expanded access in the region, that will not change. By marrying technical innovation and superb clinical leadership with a high-touch, patient-centric experience, we’re able to advance our mission of early detection and impact more lives.”

Key Highlights of the Acquisition

  1. Innovative Technology: With the integration of state-of-the-art imaging and AI-driven diagnostic tools and services from Solis Mammography, Carolina Breast Imaging will harness the latest advancements in breast health technology, providing patients with unparalleled quality, as well as access to next generation innovation. 
  2. Expanded Access: The acquisition will extend the reach of Carolina Breast Imaging’s services to communities across North Carolina. Solis Mammography's record of building accessible networks of community-based women’s imaging centers will ensure that more women have access to leading edge breast health services across the state. 
  3. Expert Team: Carolina Breast Imaging Specialists, an independent, locally owned breast-specialized radiology group led by Dr. Bruce Schroeder, will continue to provide radiology services to Carolina Breast Imaging, with the same level of accuracy and expertise that patients and the community have come to expect.