Breast health is a top priority for Every Woman. We've made it safe to prioritize your breast health and stay on top of your annual mammograms. Follow our Mammo-pedia for a quick guide to five must-know facts about breast health. 

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breast health facts

 Five Facts About Breast Health

1. Women in their 40s have the most to gain from annual mammograms

Cell growth replicates faster in younger breast tissue. That's why an annual mammogram beginning at age 40 is so important.

2. 3D Mammography + SmartCurve equals accuracy and comfort

3D has been shown to increase early detection of breast cancer by 54%. SmartCurve has been shown to improve comfort in 93% of patients who reported discomfort with standard compression methods

3. A pea-size lump is better than a walnut-size lump

Early treatment is less invasive, less costly and has better outcomes. 

  • PEA: Average-size lump found by repeat mammograms. 
  • WALNUT : Average-size lump found by women untrained in self-exams

4. Know your risk by age 30

Developing an early breast cancer risk factor assessment and action plan with your primary care clinician can lead to a lifetime of breast health.

5. All mammograms are not created equal

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