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Meet Cristi

Meet Cristi, Cristi is a professional, a wife, a new mom, a sister, and a best friend. She is sentimental and, above all, she is authentic. Cristi understands the importance of self-care and champions the women around her to take time out to care for themselves. She embraces the idea that women...

Meet Monica

Meet Monica. She is a community organizer, social entrepreneur and activist. Monica is creative, she is courageous and she is thankful. She encourages women to embrace changes that come with age, and to become familiar with their bodies. Monica shares the message of body awareness and breast health...

Women Are Better Together

We are in the era of womanhood that favors collaboration over competition. Sisterhood over single-mindedness. Friendship over favoritism.

Meet Prakruti

Meet Prakruti. She is a creator, a dance-lover, and a body awareness advocate. Her name, Prakruti, means nature, and she routinely indulges in her connection to the natural world as a form of self care. Prakruti advocates for the women in her life to recognize and harness the intuition, strength and...

Following My Yes

It is my belief that the way that you do anything is the way that you do everything. I follow what intuitively feels right.

Meet Ruth

Meet Ruth. Ruth is an executive, a wife, a mentor, and a self-love and health advocate to other women. She is relentless, curious, a lifelong explorer and learner, and a very good friend. Ruth believes in preparation and in self-care as a form of self-love. She encourages the women in her life to to...

Meet Christie - EveryWoman Solis Mammography

Meet Christie. Christie is a nurturer, an uplifter, a maverick, and a disrupter. She empowers other women to embrace authenticity and to find time to explore self through self-care.She is a mother and a friend who uses her influence to empower others. Christie is also a breast health advocate to...

Meet Chi

Meet Chi. She is a female entrepreneur, wife, mother, friend and advocate for women. Chi is relentless, independent, and passionate about self-love. She inspires other women to life their best lives and empowers women across the globe through her professional work, as well as by serving as a...

Meet Shelley

Meet Shelley. She is a breast health advocate, a mother of three, and an advocate for her community of women. Shelley shares stories of breast health, hope and family. She believes in the power of community and how a great tribe of women can support and empower you to conquer any situation with...

Women = Power

Feminity is a superpower. Women hold a position of leadership in many facets of life.

Embrace the Power of Love

I embrace the power of love through friendship. Who are the women in your circle that you value most?

EveryWoman Event in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Solis Mammography
The Solis Mammography #EveryWoman team spent an evening in conversation around breast health, wellness and inspiring EveryWoman to live her best life. Four of the women featured in the EveryWoman docu-series sat with Janet St. James, breast cancer advocate and former WFAA healthcare reporter for...