Women's Health Month: Mammo-pedia InfographicMay 03, 2019

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What to Know About Good Breast Health

Peace of mind comes from actively pursuing your healthiest self. During Women's Health Month be an advocate for the women you care about. Inspire the women in your life to get a mammogram. It's always best to know.

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Start at 40

Women in their 40s have the most to gain from annual mammograms. Cell growth replicates faster in younger breast tissue. That's why early detection is so important. Early treatment is less invasive, less costly and less life-changing.

Always choose 3D

More than 140 published clinical studies prove that 3D mammogrpahy is the most accurate screening technology available. 54% increase in early detection. 37% decrease in recall rates.


SmartCurve is curved to follow the shape of a woman's breast, providing greater comfort during compression. SmartCurve has been shown to improve comfort in 93% of patients who reported discomfort with standard compression methods.

Size Matters in Early Detection

A lump the size of ap ea offers the best treatment options. Pea: average size lump found by repeat mammograms. Grape: average size lump found in women practicing regular self-exams. Walnut: average size lump found by women untrained in self-exams.

All Mammograms are Not Equal

Comfort, accuracy, expertise - and decades of experience partnering with women in their breast health. That's the Solis Mammography difference.