Myths About Mammograms #4: Mammograms are painfulJuly 27, 2017

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Mammography Myth-Busting | Written by: Solis Mammography | Featured on Plaid For Women Website

Myth #4: Mammograms are painful.

While many women know that getting an annual mammogram is key to maintaining breast health, there are too many who avoid their annual mammogram because of the fear of “how painful it will be.” They’ve perhaps heard this online, from friends or family, or maybe even from someone who got a mammogram a long time ago.

The fact is – technology and equipment are getting better. And, if you see a dedicated breast specialist, the mammogram may be uncomfortable, but it should not be painful. Those who are dedicated to breast health are highly trained in understanding how much compression is “enough” to get a good picture, but not too much to cause unnecessary discomfort.

To back that up with evidence, Solis Mammography surveys all of our mammography patients at the end of their annual screening. 89% of respondents (which represents more than 150,000 women each year) report “little to no discomfort” with their mammogram.

Adding to the comfort question is the “duration” question. Many women are surprised to learn that the mammogram compression itself lasts just a few minutes (usually less than 2 minutes per breast). For those who wonder about the 3D mammography (the latest innovation in ensuring the highest degree of accuracy in clinical results), you may be surprised to learn it takes almost the exact same amount of time (perhaps a few seconds longer.) Bottom line, you’ll be in and out before you know it.

At Solis, our goal is to take the stress and anxiety out of the traditional mammogram experience and provide you with peace of mind at every step of your annual exam with us. We believe that your experience starts the moment you decide to schedule your appointment and doesn’t end until you receive your results. To that end, we’ve carefully considered every interaction to make it as easy and convenient as possible – including online scheduling, tablet registration, and fast results by email within 24 to 48 hours of your appointment.

In summary, the next time someone tells you how inconvenient or “painful” it is to get a mammogram, ask them where they’re going. If it’s not a Solis Mammography center, make sure it’s a breast-dedicated screening center where a woman’s comfort and convenience are as important as the clinical results they deliver. You deserve nothing less than the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re “all clear for another year.” And should there be an issue which needs attention, peace of mind comes from finding it as early as possible, so your treatment options are as easy as possible. Make time for your breast health and get your annual mammogram starting at age 40.