MCOL Blog: How Do You Build a Culture of Innovation at a Healthcare Organization?April 21, 2017

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James Polfreman, CEO and President of Solis Mammography based in Addison, Texas echoes the theme that technology is not enough, sharing that “In the field of women’s breast health, innovation is not only measured in terms of technology and clinical accuracy, but also in areas of patient service, convenience and care to ensure annual compliance and repeat business.” He advises that “to foster innovation, an environment must be actively cultivated to promote openness and collaboration in order to tap into the natural passion of employees. This type of environment benefits the entire team and translates into superior patient care Well-informed teams are vital. Communication of a crystal-clear vision and mission is fundamental……When new ideas are implemented, having clear processes in place from training to implementation is key…..Consistently challenging the status quo motivates initiative….. Finally, a culture of innovation is maintained through leadership by example, repetition and affirmation of a job well done. This influences how you attract, recruit, retain, train and reward teams.

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