Breast Imaging Specialist Fact SheetOctober 01, 2015

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  • Solis Mammography currently contracts with 31 radiologists, all of whom are breast imaging specialists.
  • The radiologists, or breast imaging specialists, who work with Solis Mammography are doctors who spend more than 90 percent of their time performing breast imaging. Clinical research, as published in Radiology, shows there is a significant difference in mammography accuracy between general radiologists and those who specialize in breast imaging. Accuracy is determined by low recall rates with no reduction in early cancer detection rates.** Of the approximately 27,000 radiologists in the U.S., less than 5 percent – or 1,350 – meet this standard of mammography focus*
  • Clinical research published in the Radiology demonstrates conclusively the greater accuracy in mammography when read by a radiologist who reads more than 5,000 mammography procedures per year.***  The breast imaging specialists at Solis Mammography read between 7,000 and 10,000 screening and diagnostic mammograms annually. Standard guidelines state any general radiologist in the US may read mammography if he/she reads only 980 mammograms over a two year period.***
  • Solis also employs only specialized mammography technologists with years of experience. The ability to properly position a woman in the mammography device and understanding exactly how much compression is needed provides exceptionally accurate results and, physically, a more comfortable mammography experience.
  • Patient exit surveys at Solis Mammography show that 89 percent of patients report little or no discomfort during their exam and give especially high survey marks on the expertise of the technologists and radiologists.

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