diana von voigt
Diana Von Voigt
Center Director

Diana Von Voigt is the Solis Center Director for our two centers in Columbus, Ohio. Diana graduated in 1979 with an Associate’s Degree of Science in the field of Radiology and was a pioneer in the early use of ultrasound for breast imaging. Before embarking solely into mammography, Diana spent 7 years working in radiation therapy where, “The value of the human spirit was brought to life.”

For the last 26 years, Diana has focused her career in mammography as both technologist and manager. The desire to work in mammography was driven by the technical advancements in the field and the drive for earlier and earlier detection. “Finding the cure for cancer would be optimal, but until that time comes, I will take pride in working in a facility that provides the most up to date technology and a desire to make the patient's experience a memorable one.”