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Real Stories
With early morning and Saturday appointments, we can help you find time for your annual mammogram. As our patient Darlene says, “it takes every excuse out of my language.”

Hear What People Are Saying

Beautiful facility. Very nice and provides lots of privacy. Lots of encouraging little touches for women. Gina the tech made me feel so comfortable and made the exam painless. Jessica at the front desk was very warm and welcoming.

Carol, Frisco (Main St)

Southlake Solis is very friendly, efficient and professional! There is no pain whatsoever and the visit is complete in around 15 minutes. I've been going there for 5 years now and highly recommend it!

Monica, Southlake

Very friendly and courteous staff. They get you in and out for your tests in a jiffy. I was here for the first time and was very much impressed with everything. I'll recommend this place any day!

Yvonne, Katy

I highly recommend Solis for mammograms. My 10+ years of visits have been consistently professional. The staff is competent and kind. The office is nicely furnished, the internal waiting area is thoughtfully designed, and the air temperature is not too cold (like many medical offices). The office uses tablets for patients to update their information! In particular, their COVID-19 protocols are top notch and VERY much appreciated.

Katie, Phoenix