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Exceptional Experience.
Exceptionally Accurate Results.
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What is 3D Mammography?

3D Mammography™ (also known as digital tomosynthesis) is the newest technology in the quest for earlier detection of breast cancer. 


What are the advantages?
3D mammography decreases recalls for additional tests and increases early detection, both leading to peace of mind with your results. All women benefit, but research shows it's particularly helpful if you have:

  • dense breast tissue
  • frequent call backs for mammograms
  • fibrocystic changes
  • family history of breast cancer

Solis believes this new technology, combined with the specialized Breast Imaging Radiologists who will be reading the mammograms, provides women with the peace of mind they deserve concerning their breast health.


What Research is saying:

In a recent issue of Radiology, 3D mammography (also known as 'mammographic tomosynthesis') was shown to be of significant benefit. "The use of mammography plus tomosynthesis in a screening environment resulted in a significantly higher cancer detection rate and enabled the detection of more invasive cancers while reducing the number of false positives."

*Comparison of Digital Mammography Alone and Digital Mammography plus Tomosynthesis in a Population-based Screening Program.   Radiology: Volume 267: Number 1—April 2013

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Timeline of 3D Mammography™?

FDA approves 3D Mammography™. Solis Chief Medical Officer (CMO) presents to an FDA medical panel the very first patient in the country diagnosed with 3D Mammography™ alone. Peer reviewed research on 3D, co-authored by Solis’ CMO - Dr. Stephen Rose - demonstrated a 37% reduction in unnecessary patient callbacks and a corresponding 54% increase in early detection.2 Solis begins a 2-year project to upgrade all centers to 3D Mammography™. Medicare covers 3D Mammography™.


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