We are in the era of womanhood that favors collaboration over competition. Sisterhood over single-mindedness. Friendship over favoritism. This is the era of women in service of women - a community that builds one another up and paves the pathway for younger women to achieve even more than ever before. 

Women are better together. 

Our shared experiences lift us and make us stronger. We are empowered by each other and inspired by each of our own contributions to this world. I call upon the women in my life when I need a spark of inspiration, a good laugh, a heartfelt conversation, a hug or a shoulder to cry on. In return, I provide a safe and caring space to be heard, to be supported, to just be. 

There is comfort in the common experiences that we as women share. And there is glory when we all succeed. Sisterhood is a bond that transcends genetics, it’s the thread that connects all women. Unity is our mantra. We are in this together. We respect and value each other. We have a purpose to create opportunities to lift one another. We simply are better together.

Let’s make a pact to support one another, help each other and never let each other venture this life alone. Let’s create bonds sister-to-sister. Because we are in this together. We are stronger together.