There is no magic moment when you decide to define yourself and POOF you magically transform. Becoming is not an instant transition but rather a culmination of our experiences. The journey of self is an evolution

We are always growing. Ever-evolving. Learning is part of the process. Taking care of the parts of you that keep you centered in wellness is what is most important. And above all, acceptance of oneself and openness to self-discovery are an integral part of becoming your truest self. 

I take time to savor the small moments. Self-care is a major component of my physical and spiritual wellness to ensure that I am whole. 

Life is tricky. We must learn to embrace the highs that motivate us, and lows that humble us. Each stage of life shapes us into becoming the women we were, the women we are today, and the women we will become. What will you do for yourself today that will better the you of tomorrow?