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Practicing Self Love and Self Care

Solis Mammography
The glow of the holidays has dimmed, and now we find ourselves at the foothills of a year that is just beginning to take flight. Ushered in with the glimmering prospects of this new year are a new set of responsibilities, an ever-growing to-do list, and an even longer list of pressures and...

Peace of Mind Conference

Get Help Understanding Treatment Options The brainchild of breast surgeon, Dr. Linda Liu, in collaboration with medical oncologist, Dr. Giraldo Kato, the Peace of Mind Conference assembles leading experts in the field of breast surgery, treatment, and disease recovery, providing women a one-stop...

Love Yourself as You Are

Self love is an evolution. This is a process. It’s not a quick change of opinion and it certainly isn’t a sentiment that initiates from the outside in.

Self Care Replenishes the Body

Self care is one of Ruth's most sacred practices for maintaining the health of her body, mind and spirit. Physical exercise is one of the core means that she practices self care. How will you practice self care? Celebrate self care {"preview_thumbnail":"/sites/default/files/styles/video_embed...

Self is an Evolution

Becoming is not an instant transition but rather a culmination of our experiences. The journey of self is an evolution.

What are Fibrocystic Breasts?

Solis Mammography
Patients often ask how normal breasts should feel. The truth is that “normal” varies for every woman.

Solis Mammography Receives Six National Healthcare Advertising Awards

Solis Mammography
We are proud to announce that Solis Mammography has been awarded six Healthcare Advertising Awards, the largest healthcare advertising awards competition recognizing excellence in global healthcare marketing. Awards included a Gold award in the category of Health Promotion Program for the integrated...

Mammograms are Peace of Mind

At age 40, it's important to make annual mammograms a yearly routine. Still, Cristi found the experience daunting until she decided that the two minutes of discomfort are worth the knowledge that a screening mammogram provides. Mammograms provide peace of mind. Knowing is better than not, 100% of...

Know Your Body

Solis Mammography
How well do you know yourself? Like REALLY know yourself. This is body awareness and it’s a power that Every Woman should be putting to use.

Meet Ruth

Meet Ruth. Ruth is an executive, a wife, a mentor, and a self-love and health advocate to other women. She is relentless, curious, a lifelong explorer and learner, and a very good friend. Ruth believes in preparation and in self-care as a form of self-love. She encourages the women in her life to to...

Meet Prakruti

Meet Prakruti. She is a creator, a dance-lover, and a body awareness advocate. Her name, Prakruti, means nature, and she routinely indulges in her connection to the natural world as a form of self care. Prakruti advocates for the women in her life to recognize and harness the intuition, strength and...

Meet Shelley

Meet Shelley. She is a breast health advocate, a mother of three, and an advocate for her community of women. Shelley shares stories of breast health, hope and family. She believes in the power of community and how a great tribe of women can support and empower you to conquer any situation with...

Patient & Center Support

Our support positions create an exceptional experience for our patients. We have a variety of Patient and Center Support opportunities available with ample potential for growth. Search Available Jobs Leadership Roles Center Director The Center Director oversees all departments within a Solis...

Meet Cristi

Meet Cristi, Cristi is a professional, a wife, a new mom, a sister, and a best friend. She is sentimental and, above all, she is authentic. Cristi understands the importance of self-care and champions the women around her to take time out to care for themselves. She embraces the idea that women...

Meet Christie - EveryWoman Solis Mammography

Meet Christie. Christie is a nurturer, an uplifter, a maverick, and a disrupter. She empowers other women to embrace authenticity and to find time to explore self through self-care.She is a mother and a friend who uses her influence to empower others. Christie is also a breast health advocate to...

Never Outgrow Your Curiosity

I meet each day with curiosity, an open mind, readiness to learn, and the desire to engage authentically in our shared human experience. What are you most curious about?

Medical City Arlington

Solis Mammography, a department of Medical City Arlington
We are located on the first floor in Professional Building A, on the Medical City Arlington hospital campus. Our doors face Mayfield. Enter through the glass doors and turn right. Free valet parking available on weekdays if ticket is validated at the Solis front desk. Valet not available Saturday.

Einstein Medical Center Elkins Park

Solis Mammography, a department of Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia
Upon arriving at Einstein Elkins Park, you have the option of self parking in the visitor lot or valet parking service. Our center is located in the main floor in the Radiology Department of Elkins Park Hospital.

Medical City Plano

Solis Mammography, a department of Medical City Plano
We are located in an office building next to Medical City Plano at Coit and 15th St.