Plaid Women Leader Series: An Interview with Solis Mammography Marketing Chief Connie OliverMay 02, 2017

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Plaid for Women features Solis' own Connie Oliver in their Leader Series. Read the full interview here.

Inverview excerpts:

I understand your mother is completely deaf. How did that impact you as a child?

While the list of influences my mother had on my life is extremely long, her deafness influenced me in two significant ways. First, I’m a very expressive communicator. I learned from a young age how important it is to tell a story in a way that others could understand. Learning to communicate effectively through sign language means more than a literal translation of the spoken word to sign. Rather, it’s a means of understanding how to translate the way we would say or express something verbally, to how a deaf person might better understand that same message through analogy, expression, or a slightly different turn of phrase.

Whether coincidence or not, this became a life’s passion for me – translating to my love of the visual arts in cinema and theater, and in my chosen profession of marketing and communications.

The second major influence my mother’s deafness had was in contributing to my growing up faster and younger than most of my peers. This was in the days before email, Internet, smart phones, texting, and FaceTime – all of which would have made a remarkable difference in her life and mine, at the time. But without those communication devices as an option, my mother relied on me as her link to the outside world.

I called the IRS at age 10 to ask questions about my mother’s tax returns. I interpreted at age 12 for the lawyers when my mother bought her first townhouse. And from as far back as I can remember, I served as my mother’s “voice” at restaurants, the post office, the airport, and any other places we needed to go or travel. This built in me a great deal of confidence that I could handle whatever was thrown my way just by having the courage to speak up, ask smart questions, listen and learn from what I heard, and always be willing to try something new.

Why did you choose Solis?

Solis Mammography has given me a wonderful opportunity to apply my passion for marketing and communications to a business that is uniquely positioned – part healthcare, part retailer, and part non-profit.

First and foremost, the patients we serve come first. We are all about women’s wellness and promoting an environment of preventative health. Second, we understand that today’s woman is extremely busy and if we’re going to help her prioritize her health, we need to make the experience as easy as possible.

Many of the attributes of retail marketing are central to how we market at Solis. Examples include choosing convenient locations, allowing appointment times to be chosen online, sending text reminders, registering by iPad tablets, creating centers with a warm and welcoming environment, and delivering results fast – by email within 24 to 48 hours. Because in the end, we are competing for a woman’s discretionary time (the time she isn’t doing what she has to do for family or work, but chooses instead to do something for herself.) That won’t happen if we don’t make it easy, and even pleasant, to do something typically not considered to be enjoyable.

And finally, the position at Solis Mammography offers me an opportunity to serve my passion for advocacy – as we seek to educate women about the importance of screening, early detection, and self-knowledge. Because whether they choose Solis or any other provider, what is most important is helping women understand their own bodies so they make the choice that is best not for their insurance company, not for their neighbor, but for themselves.