We’re in the age of self-improvement, and are continuously influenced by a barrage of picture-perfect lifestyles on social media,advertisements and movies. It starts to feel like the more you fixate on perfection, the further you deviate from the ultimate aesthetic

...And then we’re told to love ourselves unconditionally. Self Love. Do it now! Start Today! 

THIS is not how self love works. 

Self love is an evolution. This is a process. It’s not a quick change of opinion and it certainly isn’t a sentiment that initiates from the outside in.

You are a uniquely perfect, uniquely flawed, uniquely amazing person. Your superpower is that there is no one else who is you. And yet, it is an incredible challenge to rise above all standards - society, media, beauty, cultural, family - and just determine that today is the day that all is well and that you are your own first and truest love. 

It took me time. I had to resound love and acceptance for myself before I could ultimately settle into the life and love I deserve. Self love doesn’t happen when you reach your ‘goal’ weight or change your hair or switch careers or go on a meditation retreat. It happens when you are mindfully seeing yourself. For me, I didn’t truly see myself for the first time until I was almost 40.  

Loving yourself goes far beyond saying words or practicing self care. It’s the ability to embrace the big picture. To be forgiving in a down time and to be your own cheerleader when you triumph. It’s looking in the mirror and seeing not just your physical body but all of the pieces of you that are capable, and it’s the ability to turn inward and recognize how YOU contribute to the world. 

There is an amazing power that comes from being comfortable in your own skin. It doesn't mean that I’m perfect, but it means that I accept myself as I am. It also means that I graciously rise to the challenge to be the best me I can be.

So take the challenge with me. Love yourself as you are. - Leigh