Alexander Sardina, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Alexander Sardiña, MD
Chief Medical Officer

As the Chief Medical Officer for Solis Mammography, Dr. Alexander Sardiña leads a team of more than 100 breast-specialized radiologists across the nation, driving accountability and excellence in our clinical and business practices while guiding our growth into new markets and communities. He is actively engaged in research, education and outreach efforts as Solis works to perfect the practice of early breast cancer detection.

With his focus on advanced training and strict quality improvement measurements, Solis Mammography continues to deliver the highest levels of accuracy in the industry. With two decades of experience in the healthcare industry and a deep expertise in both mammography and cross-sectional imaging, Dr. Sardiña is advancing Solis’ care model through evidence-based protocols and clinical leadership.

He most recently served as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer for Covia Health. Prior to that, he was the lead interpreting breast radiologist at Bay Area Regional Women’s Imaging Center near Houston.