No woman can go-it alone. We are built to support each other, and to nurture the next generation of women. I was blessed to have been raised in a household with multiple generations of women. My mother, grandmother and aunties were instrumental in shaping me into the smart, confident woman I am today. 

I have been even more thankful to get the opportunity to raise my two daughters with a village of women who will nurture their minds and help them succeed. Having a village gives my children access to more knowledge, more perspectives, more experiences. I am able to pass on my own stories, but having multiple perspectives brings a depth of knowledge that is rich in wisdom and experience. 

It takes a village to raise a woman. We support one another and create avenues for each of us to thrive. I am thankful to have had so many dynamic women serve as inspiration for me throughout life, and I am happy to pay it forward by being a mentor to other women. When we all have a part in becoming our best selves, we all achieve.