The glow of the holidays has dimmed, and now we find ourselves at the foothills of a year that is just beginning to take flight.

Ushered in with the glimmering prospects of this new year are a new set of responsibilities, an ever-growing to-do list, and an even longer list of pressures and expectations of what to accomplish, what to be. What will others need, and what will they expect from me?  And, what do I need and expect of myself?

Take care of you.

Self-love and self-care are gracious compliments to one another, lending every woman a uniquely divine opportunity to reinvigorate, enhance and develop herself with every loving action she takes.

Expressions of self-care and self-love are deeply personal, and there is, in fact, no right or wrong way to extend yourself much-needed and rightfully deserved expressions of self-love and care. Moreover, with life’s many moving parts it’s important to create avenues for self-improvement, exploration, purpose, acceptance, inspiration and love.

We asked seven women to describe their expressions of self-love along with their best self-care tips for 2019. Be inspired by their wisdom. How will you celebrate and care for yourself?

What is your tip for practicing self-love?

“Each and every one of us has 365 days of opportunity this year. Let’s make the most of it. I am going to love myself by taking all the health care preventive steps available to me. Will you do the same?” – Karen

“Find something each day that makes you laugh.” – Linda

“Be a change maker. Identify an area you are passionate about and be intentional about creating change in that one area.” – Robyn

“I am putting myself at the top of the list every day. 2019 is all about becoming my best self.” – Maviea

“The one thing I know is the longer I live the more I realize the less I know! But on the other hand I do know that everything is temporary and there is always something on the other side... whether it’s a storm or a rainbow so I have learned to be more content and grateful even in the storm.” – Shelley

 “What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the New Year. Celebrate life in a big way and don’t take anything for granted. Live every minute with love, grace and gratitude.” – Robin

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How will you practice self-care?

“How will I practice self-care? By being the best nana I can be for my new grandbaby. Giving myself permission to breathe and enjoy life. Working on my balance - 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work and 8 hours of fun each day. Reading and learning about nutrition for my age group and taking better care of my spirit.” – Robin

“I will get my piano tuned. Cultivate my garden. And swim as if my life depended on it.” – Anne

“Release yourself from all guilt. Self-care is not an indulgence. If you need a nap. Take it. If you enjoy yoga. Do it. If you need alone time in order to refuel. Embrace it.” – Robyn

“I’m walking forward in faith an optimism that though I expect this year to be hard (for personal family reasons) and whatever the year holds I am going to be grateful for the amazing friends who support me and the memories with them I will be sure to make along the way. I’ll live in the moment instead of worrying about the future.” – Shelley

“I am going to take two minutes every day to close my eyes and relax before I start my day.” – Linda