How well do you know yourself? Like REALLY know yourself. Would you be able to recognize if something didn’t feel right or if you are physically experiencing something that is downright off? This is body awareness and it’s a power that Every Woman should be putting to use. 

Knowledge is power 

Screenings are a part of self care. There is a responsibility that we hold to ourselves to own our health and prioritize necessary screenings. Just like you wouldn’t skip your biweekly manicure, mark your calendar with your annual health screenings - including your mammogram. Show up and make YOU a priority. 

Body awareness is a duty to yourself. Just like we look in the mirror every time we get ready to leave the house, we should make our concerted effort to become familiar with our bodies, and most importantly our breasts, through monthly self exams. 

Get to know what’s normal for you. Only your can be the keeper of your health. Get to know your body.