What we think about ourselves—and most importantly, how we speak to ourselves, is what we believe, and ultimately embody. The words that you speak to and about yourself resonate through your body, mind and spirit. Choose kindly.  

Start with your own mind. You define yourself by the words that you speak and the thoughts that you think about yourself. A compliment from another woman feels amazing, but what if the compliments we give ourselves had just as much mental clout and validation. What positive words would you say to your sister, mother, best friend or daughter to build her up? We, as women should be using those same words with our own self-talk.  

Be Your Own Hype-Woman

I think about the advice I’d give someone else. I create a mini-mantra: “I am enough” "I got this" or "I can do this." I think about all of the times I have accepted a challenge and reflect on the outcome. Maybe some were not necessarily a success, but instead of looking it as a failure, looking it as a growth opportunity. I choose to embrace challenges, but not as a means of defining who I am. 

And sometimes, we have to be our own hype woman. That means, owning and harnessing our own power. Recognizing our own strengths and talents. Complimenting ourselves on work well-done. You rock! You’ve got it going on! Embrace it.

And, when we notice another female who may need a few positive words sent her way – let’s do that.  We as women, need to life each other up. Empower each other. Making the bond of sisterhood even stronger.  This can be done with loved ones, friends and even strangers.  

Positive self-talk is a part of self-care

Self care can be defined a number of ways - but being loving to yourself in forms beyond treating yourself to physical or tangible treats is a huge component of what it means to truly care for you. Positive words and actions toward yourself are absolutely considered a form of self care. And you and I and every woman deserve to hear positive, affirming words from ourselves first. 

There is no ‘template’ for positive affirmations

Am I constantly singing my own praises? No. But what I am doing is watching the tone of language that I use toward myself, and mindfully building a positive vocabulary. I speak to myself like somebody I love, because I am somebody that I love. 

I make a mental note of the successes that I have achieved, not out of ego, but because these are wins that should be celebrated and serve an example of how I can continue to build upon what’s great in life. And when a troubling day comes (because they do!) I make a point to walk with the affirmation that I can weather whatever comes at me. And that is an affirmation I believe.