Self-love starts with a routine of self-care. For myself, I define self care in several parts: creating space and organization in my life through thoughtful preparation, and making physical, mental and spiritual health a top priority. 

When I started crossfit several years ago at the age of 60, I set out on a wellness journey, and unexpectedly found my way to a lifestyle that supports me and motivates me to push my boundaries, learn about my own mental and physical agility, and to prioritize my wellness above all. 

You are number one. No one will care for you like you will for yourself. This is why we, as women, must be our own advocates. We know our bodies best and we can articulate what is normal and what is different. Make conscious health choices. Be your top priority. You have one body and one glorious life to live. Don’t be afraid to take charge of your health and make yourself a priority. You are worthy.