I am forever following my yes

It is my belief that the way that you do anything is the way that you do everything. I follow what intuitively feels right; what authentically gives me inspiration or movement. I’ve learned to turn inward to understand what truly defines me and which actions are genuine. I trust that my intuition will guide me to that “yes” each and every time. 

Following my yes is a form of empowerment

I am empowered by my own gifts, and further empowered by the opportunity to enliven others through my positive words, reactions and choices. 

Learning to trust my intuition involves taking full ownership of my mind and actions, and getting to know my shadows too. My intuition embodies how I meet the world, what energy I draw forth, the types of interactions I choose to have, and the confidence that I bring into situations.

‍When I make the conscious choice to embrace my own intuitive nature is when I live my truth - my yes. How do you follow yours?