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Stephen Rose, MD
Director of Clinical Research

Outside of academic centers, Dr. Stephen Rose is one of the best-known clinical researchers in the field of mammography, having published six research studies on digital breast tomosynthesis (3D mammography). A board-certified radiologist, he has dedicated his practice to the diagnosis of early-stage breast cancer for more than two decades.

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Stephen Rose, MD's Publications
dr stephen rose
Breast Health
The Conclusive Evidence About 3D Mammography
When Solis Mammography was founded more than three decades ago, we embarked on a mission to set the standard for clinical and technological excellence in our field.
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Innovative Technology
SmartCurve: Is Patient Experience the Final Frontier of Care?
Over the past 40 years, the field of mammography has made remarkable strides.
Diagnostic Mammogram Reading
Innovative Technology
Clinical Innovation: What's on the Horizon for the Industry of Mammography
As the nation's largest independent mammography provider, we are on the front line of care.