Self is an Evolution

For Chi, this central moment came in 1978 when she and her five siblings accompanied their parents on a trip that would change their lives — immigrating to America from communist Viet Nam. Arriving with nothing except the clothes they were wearing, the family received immediate aid and support from a Lutheran church. This generosity helped them start fresh in a new country and became the foundation they built their future upon. With hard work and strong family values, Chi and each of her siblings went to college and found successful careers in medicine, business, finance and marketing. “I know exactly where my passion to help others came from,” says Nguyen. “I can trace it back to the experience my family had starting an entirely new life in the United States. I was reminded every day growing up that anyone can improve their life with hard work and dedication if they are given the opportunity to do so."

Surrounded by a supportive family who thought that a girl could do anything, she wants her daughter and the women of the world to enjoy the same benefit of this inclusive spirit. Because there are numerous barriers to women and girls that prevent them from reaching their full potential, she has decided to combine her love of tea and her passion for improving lives by creating a social enterprise focused on empowering the most vulnerable citizens in the poorest communities in the world: female tea pickers. “Ultimately, I think it all comes down to this,” says Nguyen. “Every single day tea drinkers make a choice of what kind of beverage they are going to purchase or enjoy. I want them to know that even a simple choice can have a lasting and meaningful impact on someone’s life. With Purpose Tea, I’m giving consumers a beverage they can truly feel good about.”

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